The courtship of Mr Lyon

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the character of beauty

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The courtship of Mr Lyon
  1. Beauty
    1. Description at the begining of the play
      1. Young, fragile and kind-hearted. "Lovely girl"
        1. Pure, innocent. "She, too, was made all of snow"
          1. She can also be seen as sexualy pure, due to her age.
          2. Issolated. "the snow brought down all the telephone wires"
            1. "The snow is white and unmarked"
            2. Sacrificial. "Miss Lamb, spotless, sacrificial."
            3. She evolves when she leaves to London
              1. She is described as vain. "she simled at her self with satisfaction"
                1. Arrogant and confident. "That pearly skin of hers was plumping out, a little, with high living and compliments"
                  1. Gender roles are revesed, she represents what would be represented by a man. "She sent him flowers"
                    1. She is confused. amazed and repulsed by the beast at the same time. "so monstrous, so benign"
                      1. Everything about her is telling her that she is in love with the beast, but she doesn´t relize.
                        1. "Exhilaration, a desolating emptiness."
                          1. "Mysteriously joyful"
                            1. "Whimpering and relief"
                          2. Spoiled. "... To buy her furs and she was as eager for the treat as any girl might be."
                          3. When she returns with the beast
                            1. She represents the normal male character. "covered his poor paws with her kisses"
                              1. Reversing what he did to her. She shows love the way he showed her before.
                              2. She becomes the heroe when she abandons the materialistic importance. "ripping th hem of her dress in her haste."
                                1. She forgets about the superficial life.
                                2. She is taken from his father by the beast. the beast will replace the fathers male presence. "I have come home."
                                  1. Now his home is with the beast
                                    1. "If you´ll have me, i´ll never leave you."
                                    2. She is starting to return to what she was before. "her tears fell on his face like snow"
                                      1. Reapears her comparison to snow.
                                        1. Innocet, pure, fragile.
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