Revolt of 1857

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Revolt of 1857
  1. Political Factors
    1. Nana Sahib forced to move from Poona to Kanpur
      1. Bahadur Shah Zafar forced out of Red Fort, the seat of the Mughals for centuries
        1. Zafar's successors banned from using "Emperor" by Lord Canning
        2. Economic Factors
          1. Harsh land revenue policies
            1. India's wealth extracted to finance colonial expansion and Industrial Revolution
              1. Collapse of Indian handicrafts
              2. Social Factors
                1. Indians not allowed to high positions in administration and army
                  1. Racial discrimination against locals
                  2. British policies regarded with deep suspicion by orthodox Indians
                  3. Religious Factors
                    1. Apprehension of locals towards forcible conversion to Christianity
                      1. Taxes imposed on temples and mosques
                        1. Traditional roles of pandits and maulvis decline due to Western education
                        2. Military Factors
                          1. Sepoys ill-treated by British officers
                            1. Hindu soldiers skeptical of caste loss after 1816 law
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