IGCSE English Language Exam Questions 1,2,3

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GCSE Sources
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IGCSE English Language Exam Questions 1,2,3
1 Q1
1.1 Worth 15 marks for writing 5 for reading (20 total)
1.1.1 40 minutes
1.2 Do this Question second
1.3 Directed writing
1.4 Can be a journal,interview,letter
1.5 3 bullet points
1.5.1 5 points in each
1.5.2 3 paragraphs
1.5.3 First is information retrieval
1.5.4 Second is Information from detail (e.g Feelings)
1.5.5 Third is attitude and emotions
1.5.6 Check them as they remind you what to write
1.6 Show feelings of character specific to the type of extract e.g leaflet,speech
1.6.1 Use context and the right language suitable for the audience specific to the type of extract
1.6.2 Right tone, sentence structure
1.6.3 Experience thought,feelings and imagened writing
1.6.4 Order facts,ideas,vocabulary and opinions
1.7 Dont repeat the points
1.8 3 bullet points,5 points,3 paragraphs
2 Q2
2.1 Worth 10 marks
2.2 Do this Question last (this Q is savage)
2.3 Based on same passage on Q1
2.3.1 Two paragraphs to look at in more detail
2.3.2 Picking out 4/5 key words then P I D A on it
2.4.1 P(Point)= summary of the paragraph ( Only once for each paragraph) 2 in total for 2 paragraphs "In this paragraph....."
2.4.2 I(Identify)=Find the right word , say if its a verb,simile,metaphor etc but also describe it "The verb "entangling" is used to describe how dangerous mount Everest can be as it refers to binding someone."
2.4.3 D(Define)= Say what that word(s) mean(s) "The verb means binding over someone,leaving them out of control"
2.4.4 A(Analyze)= Say the impact it has (context and Simile) "In this context it suggest that...... It makes it sound like..."
2.5 20 minutes
3 Q3
3.1 Do this Question first
3.2 Worth 15 marks for the list and 5 marks for the summary (20 total)
3.3 40 minutes
3.4 Highlight what youre looking for
3.4.1 You can convert it into a sentence starter
3.4.2 Read and highlight as many reasons as you can to fit 15 points Make sure theres no repetition and that it fits onto the lines Right out those 15 points each on a new line
3.5 Most answers may start with "it"
3.6 Then for the 5 marks a summary
3.6.1 A short version of the important part Use compound and complex sentences(connectives) Because, despite,therefore,however point connective point
3.6.2 Base it on youre notes at least two points in each sentence

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