Bible 10-5 Craig Oliver

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Bible 10-5 Craig Oliver
  1. 1. Creation
    1. God Created Us In His Image.
      1. God Created Planet Earth In 7 Days.
        1. God Made Everything There Is, and everything was Good.
          1. The climax of God’s creation was the making of man and woman.
            1. God Tells Adam To Not Eat From A Certain Tree. However, They still Did Anyways.
            2. 3. The Flood
              1. The Wickedness Of Man Caused God To Send The Flood.
                1. God Gave Noah The Vision To Create The Ark.
                  1. God Told Moses And His Family To Bring 2 Of Each Animal On The Earth.
                    1. God Chose Noah Because He Was Very Loyal To The Lord.
                      1. It Stormed For 40 Days and 40 Nights. Everything Outside of The Ark Died.
              2. 5. The Exodus
                1. The Israaelites Had been InBondage For About 400 years.
                  1. God Sends Moses and Aaron To Tell Pharaoh To Let His People Go.
                    1. Moses and Aaron Continue To Warn Him.
                      1. Through The Power Of God Moses Brings 10 Plagues.
                        1. Pharaoh Can No Longer Endure This So He Lets Them Go.
                          1. Then They Go To a Mountain To get the commandments from God.
                  2. 2. The Fall
                    1. Cain
                      1. Tree
                        1. Eve Disobeying
                          1. Adam Disobeying
                            1. Abel
                            2. 7. Blessing Of Abraham
                              1. He was Promised 3 Things From God.
                                1. Children Will Be as Numerous As The Stars.
                                  1. Great Nation
                                    1. Descendants Will Bless The World
                                      1. I will Bless You.
                              2. 6. Mt. Sinai
                                1. Mountain Where Moses Was Given The Commandments
                                  1. Moses Was On The Mountain For 40 Days
                                    1. God Tells Moses To Go Back Down To Tell The People To Respect His Holiness
                                      1. The People Can Not Come Up The Mountain.
                                        1. Sinai is all about Law, Zion is all about grace.
                                        2. 4. Jacob And His Family
                                          1. Jacob Is His Fathers Favorite
                                            1. He Has 12 Brothers
                                              1. They Sell Him Into Slavery
                                                1. Jacob Becomes 2nd In Command Of Egypt
                                                  1. He Reunites With His Family Because Of The Famine
                                                  2. 8. Exile
                                                    1. The fall of Nineveh, the Assyrian capital, in 612 B.C.E.
                                                      1. Captivity For 70 Years Babylon
                                                        1. The land of Canaan, to which God led Abraham, becomes the land of the people of Israel.
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