SAB7#104 Evaluación_Personas_Proyecto

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SAB7#104 Evaluación_Personas_Proyecto
  1. Project Performance Appraisals are evaluations of employees' performance by those who supervice them
    1. Project Performance Appraisals
    2. Project Performance Appraisals are technique of the Manage project team process, In this effort the PM collects information from the members' supervisors and adjust the project accordingly. The focus is on the indivudual . In contrast team performance assessment, a technique of the Develop Project Team process. focuses on team performance not the individual. Team Performance assessment is done by the project manager in order to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of the team as whole.
      1. Process: Manage Project Team Process Group: Executing Knowledge Area: Human Resource Management
        1. Team Performance Assessment
          1. How Good is Your Team?
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