Factors which contribute to a positive learning environment

Elaine Cowan
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Elaine Cowan
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what factors create a positive learning environment in tertiary education

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Factors which contribute to a positive learning environment
  1. Regular feedback on progress
    1. needs to be open and honest
      1. praise and recognition for a good job
        1. identifying what went well and how to include that in future learning/outcomes
        2. constructive discussion on areas of lesser strength
          1. what have we learned and how to mitigate in future
            1. goals and timelines for improvements
          2. Group activities
            1. having the opportunity to work in smaller groups
            2. Clear learning objectives
              1. aims - what do we want to achieve
                1. what does success look like
              2. Knowing how to get help/support
                1. knowing who can help with what e.g. tutors, student support etc...
                2. Open and honest learning environment
                  1. feeling you can share opinions/ideas without being judged
                  2. Students, tutors, lecturers all working together in a positive manner
                    1. belonging to a community - all in this together
                    2. Learning environment
                      1. engaging activities/lectures
                        1. Having the right materials and resources
                          1. Practical learning e.g. hands on getting to do it yourself
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