Old Testament

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about the old testament

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Old Testament
  1. Creation (1)
    1. 7 days
      1. literal or not?
        1. God has different time than humans
      2. says greater light and lesser light
        1. says that because of the sun and moon gods
        2. Babylon
        3. The Fall (2)
          1. Adam
            1. first human
            2. Eve
              1. means life
              2. fruit and the tree
                1. Satan tempts
                2. The Flood (3)
                  1. Noah
                    1. Bad because he didn't telling anybody
                    2. Only Noah and family live
                      1. Saved some animals
                        1. watched all the people die
                          1. God did this because the people were sinning
                          2. Mt. Sinai
                            1. Abraham
                              1. God tells Abraham to kill his son and he almost does to obey God
                              2. Isaac
                                1. name means laughter
                                  1. carried sticks on his back up the mountain
                                2. After this incident, Sarah and Abraham never speak again
                                3. The Exodus
                                  1. Moses
                                    1. Parts the Red Sea
                                      1. Jewish/Egyptian
                                      2. Gives the law from Mt. Sinai
                                        1. Final plague is the passover
                                          1. The new Genesis
                                          2. Blessing of Abraham
                                            1. Make you a great nation
                                              1. Has Ishmael with Hagar
                                                1. Has Isaac with Sarah
                                                2. Name will be great
                                                  1. Blessing to others
                                                    1. he's blessed so he can be a blessing to others
                                                  2. The Kings
                                                    1. Saul
                                                      1. Good at first, then became crazy
                                                      2. David
                                                        1. greatest king
                                                        2. Judah
                                                          1. Rehoboam
                                                          2. Israel
                                                            1. Jeroboam
                                                          3. Exile
                                                            1. Israel's Exile
                                                              1. Assyrians come and destroy Israel
                                                              2. Judah's Exile
                                                                1. Babylonians come and destroy Judah
                                                                2. Jews lived in exile for 70 years
                                                                  1. Persians allowed the Jews to return to their homeland, rebuild their city and temple, and worship their God
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