Old Testament

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Old Testament
  1. The Exodus
    1. Pharaoh kills Hebrew baby boys
      1. Baby Mose is placed into the river to be protected
        1. Pharaoh's daughter finds baby Moses and keeps him
      2. Soldier is beating Hebrew man
        1. Moses kills soldier
          1. Moses runs away from the Pharaoh to avoid being killed.
        2. Moses comes back to save the Hebrews
          1. Fire and Smoke Pillers
            1. Split the water
          2. 10 plagues
            1. Locusts
              1. Darkness
                1. Hailstorm
              2. The Fall
                1. God gives the rules to follow
                  1. Adam and Eve fall into temptation
                    1. Temptation is what falls over everybody. It is hard to fight against it.
                      1. Satan says that they will be like God.
                      2. Adam and Eve hide from God and says they are naked
                        1. Adam and Eve now can die, Adam has to work for survival and will find his meaning in work.
                          1. Eve will experience painful childbirth
                  2. The Flood
                    1. The world is being shameful
                      1. God is sorry he had created man and plans to kill them
                        1. Noah is the only person and his family who are allowed to live
                          1. Has to bring a male and female animal from all kingdoms
                            1. Noah was the only righteous man
                              1. Noah was on the ark for 40 days and nights
                              2. Floods pour in and kill everything except what was on the ark
                                1. God destroyed the world and says he is sorry he had created man
                      2. Creation
                        1. On the first day, God created the heavens and the Earth
                          1. On the second day, God created Light and Darkness
                            1. On the third day, God created Oceans and Land
                              1. On the fourth day, God created plants and fruits
                                1. Everything was good.
                                  1. The only thing that was not good was loneliness
                                    1. God created humans which was very good
                                  2. On the fifth day, God created lights
                                    1. On the sixth day, God created water and sky animals
                                      1. On the seventh day, God creates the first man and women
                          2. Blessings of Abraham
                            1. God talks to Abraham
                              1. Tells Abraham that he will have children as numerous as the stars
                                1. Abraham does not believe God, because his wife is too old
                                  1. Abraham's wife also does not believe she will have kids
                                    1. Sometimes people forget to believe in God's power
                                      1. We try to fix things ourselves and do not rely on God's help
                                      2. Abraham's wife tell him to have sex with the servant
                                        1. The servant has a child, but Abraham's wife also has a child.
                              2. Jacob and family
                                1. Issac has two children, Jacob and Esau
                                  1. Esau was big and strong, Jacob was small and quiet
                                    1. Mother loved Jacob, Father loves Esau
                                      1. Jacob dresses up as Esau and steals his blessing
                                        1. Jacob and Esau wrestled in the womb
                                          1. Jacob was grabbing Esau's heel
                                          2. Jacob runs away with blessing
                                            1. Esau is angry and vows to kill Jacob
                                  2. Mt. Sinai
                                    1. Jewish people at desert Sinai
                                      1. Moses went into Mt. Sinai
                                        1. God was going to give Moses the commandments
                                          1. The Hebrews praised idols
                                            1. They did not have anyone to guide them
                                              1. Moses came down the mountain
                                                1. He saw the Hebrews worshipping fake idols and was angry
                                      2. Judges
                                        1. Years pass and the people feel God is abonding them
                                          1. The Hebrews intermarry with other women.
                                            1. God threatens to abandon the Hebrew people
                                              1. The Hebrews worship local deities
                                                1. God assigns Judges to watch over the people
                                                  1. Each judge serves his duty and keeps all the Hebrews in order.
                                                  2. People fall into the same pattern of going into evil then being saved
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