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Old Testament
  1. 1. Creation
    1. Creation takes 7 Days
      1. Day 1: Light
        1. Day 2: Sky/Waters
          1. Day 3: Land/Vegetation
            1. Day 4: Sun, moon, and stars
              1. Day 5: Birds/Fish
                1. Day 6: Animals
                  1. Humans are created in God's image
      2. God rests on 7th day
        1. Sabbath is Created
          1. Means rest or completion
      3. 2. The Fall
        1. Father of Lies
          1. Satan lies to Eve so she eats the forbidden fruit
          2. Sin Begins
            1. When Eve eats the fruit sin beings
              1. There are four consequences of sin
                1. Separation from god
                  1. Death
                    1. Work hard for food
                      1. Pain in childbirth
                2. 7. Moses and the Exodus
                  1. Moses is an Israelite but raised and Egyptian.
                    1. Kill someone so flees to Midian and becomes a shepherd
                      1. God calls on Moses to go back to Egypt through a burning bush
                        1. Moses goes to Egypt and frees Israelits
                          1. Pharaoh won't let Israelites go at first but eventually frees the slaves
                            1. The ten plagues occur over Egypt because of slavery
                      2. Israelites are freed from Egypt and head to the desert
                      3. 3. The Flood
                        1. After the flood God makes a promise
                          1. He will never destroy the world again
                            1. The sign of his promise is a rainbow
                              1. The flood represents baptism
                          2. The world becomes very sinful
                            1. The only righteous man is Noah
                              1. God tells Noah to build an Ark
                                1. And brings two pairs of every animal
                              2. So God destroys the World
                                1. It rains for 40 days and nights.
                                  1. All living breathing things die
                            2. 4. Abraham
                              1. God wants him to kill his son Isaac
                                1. Abraham obeys and takes Isaac up the mountain
                                  1. Abraham gets wood and builds and alter.
                                    1. He's put Isaac on the alter and is about to sacrifice him
                                      1. God comes in and saves the day.It was all a test.
                                2. Abraham and his wife can't have children
                                  1. God Promises Abraham land, many descendants, and many nations
                                    1. None of them come true in his lifetime but they do eventually come true
                                3. 6. Joseph
                                  1. Favorite son of Jacob, brothers get jealous
                                    1. His brothers sell him into slavery
                                      1. Works for Potipher but then gets arrested
                                        1. In prison he tells people what there dreams mean
                                          1. Pharaoh learns about this and calls Joseph out of jail to interpret his dream
                                            1. Joseph tells Pharaoh his dreams mean 7 years of famine and 7 years of plenty
                                              1. Pharaoh puts Joseph into a high position
                                                1. Joseph sees his family again and they eventually move to Egypt with him
                                  2. 5. Jacob/Israel
                                    1. Jacob is the son of Isaac
                                      1. He has an older brother and he steals his birthright
                                        1. Runs away to Haran because Esau is so angery
                                          1. He ends up having 12 sons.
                                            1. One of which is Joseph who becomes a person of high power in Egypt
                                              1. Jacob moves to Egypt at the end of his life
                                            2. He meets Rebecca and marries her
                                      2. Mt. Sinai and Giving of the Law
                                        1. The Israelites need some order
                                          1. God decides to create the law
                                            1. He sends Moses up Mt. Sinai to receive the law
                                              1. Israelites get worried. Moses has been up there for a long time and its storming
                                                1. God writes 10 commandments with his finger
                                                  1. These commandments are placed inside the tabernacle
                                          1. King David
                                            1. Becomes king after Saul
                                              1. Saul tries to kill him
                                                1. 8. David has the opportunity to kill him but doesn't
                                              2. He cheats on his wife
                                                1. He gets the woman he cheated on with pregnant
                                                  1. So he decided to kill her husband
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