Old Testament

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Old Testament
  1. Creation
    1. Day 1
      1. Creation of day and night.
      2. Day 2
        1. Creation of the sky
        2. Day 3
          1. Land
            1. Seas
              1. Trees and plants
          2. Day 4
            1. Sun
              1. Moon
                1. Stars
            2. Day 5
              1. First creatures of the water
                1. Birds
              2. Day 6
                1. Animal
                  1. Humans (Adam,Eve)
                2. Day 7
                  1. God had finished
                    1. Rested the 7th day, blessing it and making it holy
                3. The Exodus
                  1. Moses and the Israelites are slaves in Egypt.
                    1. God calls Moses with a burning bush telling him to release his people from slavery
                      1. Moses confronts Pharaoh telling him "let my people go"
                        1. God brought down a plague every time Pharaoh said no until he let the IIsraelites go
                          1. Pharaoh lets the Isrealites go
                            1. Pharaoh changes his mind and comes after the isrealites
                              1. Moses splits the sea
                                1. The Egyptian army follows and is killed by the sea
                    2. Plagues
                      1. 1st blood into water
                        1. 2nd frogs
                          1. 3rd gnats or lice
                            1. 4th flies
                              1. 5th livestock diseased
                                1. 6th boils
                                  1. 7th hail
                                    1. 8th locust
                                      1. 9th darkness
                                        1. 10th death to the first born
                      2. 1450-1410 B.C
                      3. Judges
                        1. Mt. Sinai
                          1. Israeites are traveling through the desert
                            1. Israelites arrive and camp at the base of Mt.Sinai
                              1. God calls Moses up to the top of Mt.Sinai
                                1. God talks to Moses on top of Mt.Sinai and gives him the ten commandments
                                  1. The Israelites become impatien and build a gold calf so they can "worship"
                                    1. When Moses comes down from Mt. Sini and sees the gold calf he destroys it with fire
                                      1. God tells Moses to chisel two new tablets
                                      2. Moses destroys the two stone tablets
                                2. Commandments
                                  1. #1 You shall have no other gods before Me.
                                    1. #2 You shall not make idols.
                                      1. #3 You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain.
                                        1. #4 Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.
                                          1. #5 Honor your father and your mother.
                                            1. #6 You shall not murder.
                                              1. #7 You shall not commit adultery.
                                                1. #8 You shall not steal.
                                                  1. #9 You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor
                                                    1. #10 You shall not covet.
                                3. The Flood
                                  1. God could see the great wickedness of humanity and decides to wipe mankind from the face of the earth
                                    1. It rains for 40 days and 40 nights
                                      1. Every living thing is wiped out from the Flood
                                        1. 150 days for the earth to dry out
                                    2. Noah (the only righteous man on earth)
                                      1. Noah is told to build an ark from god
                                        1. Noah obeys everything God told him to do
                                          1. After 150 days the ark rest on the mountains of Ararat
                                            1. Noah and his family waited 8 mouths for the earth to dry
                                              1. Noah is invited to leave the ark
                                                1. Noah builds and alter and offers burnt offerings
                                                  1. God set a rainbow in the clouds to show he will never destroy the earth again
                                      2. 2 of every animal
                                        1. Every kind of food to be stored for the animals
                                      3. Post-Exile
                                        1. After 70 years of exile
                                          1. Persians defeat the Babyloian empire
                                            1. The Jews could return to there home land a rebuild there temples
                                        2. Exile
                                          1. Assyrians attack in 722 B.C
                                            1. Israel is destroyed
                                              1. Jews turn a monotheistic belife from the devastation of the Babylonians
                                              2. Survivors become the Samaritans
                                              3. 70 years of exile
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