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English Mind Map on Nick, created by Holly Austin on 11/05/2013.

Holly Austin
Created by Holly Austin almost 6 years ago
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1 Unsure if he is an Eye or whether he was part of the rebellion
1.1 Suggested he is part of the Underground Femaleroad as he tells Offred the men coming for her are there to help her escape
2 Offred worries about how she comes across to Nick when the Commander takes her to Jezebel's
2.1 Shows Offred is conscious of Nick's perception of her, suggesting Offred wants Nick to like her and not think lowly of her
3 "I'll give up Nick"
3.1 "The fact is that I no longer want to leave, escape, cross the border to freedom. I want to be here, with Nick, where I can get at him."
3.1.1 Contradicts herself as she says she doesn't want to leave because of him, yet she's willing to sacrifice him if she can leave
3.2 Shows that whilst they have sexual chemistry, Nick is dispensable to Offred
3.3 Shows Offred will do anything to survive and considers Nick a great sacrifice
3.3.1 Suggests Offred really does cherish him as she draws parallels between sacrificing her body and Nick, suggesting he is important to her
4 Nick acts as the go-between for the Commander and Offred
5 Reminds Offred of Luke
5.1 Adultery (Luke was married when he and Offred met; Offred is supposed to be committed to the Commander and producing a child for him)
5.2 Luke is a symbol of love whilst Nick is a symbol of lust
6 Nick signifies guilt, passion, rebellion and how Gilead has affected men too (he is not allowed a wife and has to work for Commander)
7 He is Offred's confident towards the end as she reveals everything about Ofglen, the rebellion and even her real name
7.1 Shows she trusts him and seeks someone to talk to
8 "No romance... okay?"
8.1 Whilst a symbol of passion, Nick makes it clear he doesn't want to commit to Offred
8.2 Nick shows affection towards Offred before Serena Joy suggests that Offred indulge in a sexual relationship with him (he kisses her when he finds her out of bed instead of reporting her)
9 Affectionate and caring
9.1 Makes Offred 'promise' to stay safe and not arouse the Commander's suspicions.
9.2 "Neither of us says the word love, not once. It would be tempting fate; it would be romance, bad luck"
9.2.1 Offred says they don't call it love because that would jinx it - suggests she considers it love and this sentiment might be reciprocated as she uses the inclusive pronoun 'us'
10 Attentive to Offred
10.1 When Serena Joy threatens Offred after discovering she and her husband have been having an affair, Nick stops whistling to pay attention.
10.2 Nick supposedly keeps Offred's secrets and helps her escape.
10.2.1 He may have been motivated to do so because Offred says she thinks she pregnant with his child
10.2.2 Could have alternatively been an Eye and handed Offred over

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