Government influence on businesses
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Government influence on businesses
  1. Consumer protection
    1. Increasing prices
      1. Restricitng consumer choice
        1. Raising barriers to entry
          1. Market sharing
        2. Consumer issues covered by legislation
          1. Prices
            1. The Information about products
              1. The safety of the product
                1. The way products are promoted
                  1. Quality
                    1. Trading and age restrictions
                      1. Consumer rights
                      2. Competition policy
                        1. Encourage the growth of small firms
                          1. Lower barriers to entry
                            1. Introduce anti-competition legislation
                            2. Legislation
                              1. Health and safety legislation
                                1. Employment legislation
                                  1. Environmental legislation and other controls
                                    1. Taxes and subsidies
                                    2. Government influence on business objective
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