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An map of rocks

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  1. Igneous
    1. Intrusive
      1. Dolerite or Diabase
        1. Location
          1. Small dikes and sills in Asia and Europe
          2. Uses
            1. Decoration or building stone.
              1. It was used by many chinese and celt tribes to build monuments
              2. How are they formed?
                1. masses of fresh diabase enveloped by shells inside a volcano
              3. form by the crystallization of magma at a depth within the Earth are called intrusive rocks.
              4. :Igneous rocks are formed by the solidification of magma
              5. Sedimentary
                1. Selenite
                  1. Uses
                    1. Meditation and Decoration, it is also medicine
                      1. Historical Uses
                        1. It was used by kings in europe to represent power and wealth
                      2. Location
                        1. Chihuahua State, Japan, Europe, Mexico, USA, Argentina and Australia
                          1. near oceans and seas and along fault zones
                          2. How are they formed?
                            1. bodies of water evaporate leaving chemicals , then they get compressed together and form selenite.
                          3. they are formed by sediments , usually at the bottom of the rivers or oceans
                          4. Metamorphic
                            1. Phyllite
                              1. Location
                                1. Metasediments of northwest Arran, close to Scotland
                                2. Uses
                                  1. It´s used as construccion material and decoration
                                  2. How are they formed?
                                    1. Heat and Pressure changes Shale into Phyllite
                                  3. They formed from other rocks that are changed because of heat or pressure.
                                  4. An aggregate of mineral matter constituting a part of the earth's crust.
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