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  1. While the project is being executed , many stakeholders will need to receive information about the project. The manage communications process involve gathering and providing this information, and making sure information is flowing back and forth on the project is planned.
    1. This process is about implementing the communications management plan, using the technology,models and methods established in the plan to meet communication need for each phase of the project.
      1. Communication Methods
        1. The specific methods you use to distribute information to your team.
        2. Communication Models
          1. Are important in the Manage Communications process, just like they are in planning.
        3. Not only do you send information in this process, but you also need to make sure the communications are received, effective, efficient and comprehensible. You should also provide opportunities for stakeholders to request additional information and clarification,as necessary.
          1. COMMUNICATIONS BLOCKERS include such idiomatic phrases that can cause miscommunication with people of other cultures and can lead to disagreement and confusion.
            1. The exam has often had one or two questions to ask "What can get in the way of communications?" or "The following has occurred, what is wrong?" and the answers can include: Noisy surroundings, distance between those trying to communicate, improper encoding of messages, making negative statements, hostility, language,culture.
              1. Performance Reporting


                • Status Report: Describes where the Project currently stands regarding the performance measurement baseline.Progress Report: Describes what  has been accomplished. Trend Report: Examines projects results over time. Forecasting Report: Predicts future Project status and performance. Variance Report: Compares actual results to baselines. Earned Value Report: Integrated scope, cost and schedule measures to assess Project performance. Lessons Learned Documentation: Are used as lessons learned for future projects.
                1. Is all about gathering information on how your team is progressing through the project. You might create status reports of your baseline schedule, issues, how your project is tracking risks and any changes that might come.
                2. Communication Technology
                  1. Is a tool that you use to get the message out. You might choose to use email, phone, or a ticketing system to communicate.
                  2. Project communications
                    1. Throughout your project, you’re creating status reports, presentations, and many other communications to keep your project stakeholders informed.
                    2. Project Management plan updates
                      1. As your project progresses, you’ll make changes to the Project Management plan as new information is available.
                      2. Project document updates
                        1. Project document updates are likewise a big part of how your project is communicated to all of the project stakeholders.
                        2. Organizational process asset updates
                          1. Here’s where you get a chance to give your project’s experience back to the company and to help future project managers learn from what’s happened on your project.
                          2. Lessons learned
                            1. Lessons learned are all of the corrective and preventive actions that you have had to take on your project, and anything you have learned along the way.
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