The three Ts- English intonation

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The three Ts

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The three Ts- English intonation
  1. It is the melody of speech
    1. It helps to create the music of language
      1. It helps to understand
        1. Speaker's fellings and attitudes
          1. "THE THREE Ts"
            1. Linguistic intonation systems are known as
              1. TONE
                1. FALLS: the down words pitch movement
                  1. RISES: the up word pitch movement
                    1. FALLS-RISES: The pitch of voice starts high then moves down words and then up words
                      1. DEFAULT: the unmarked and neutral tone
                        1. WHAT TONES ARE TO BE USED
                        2. TONICITY
                          1. Phonetically: we accent a syllable by giving it a change in pitch
                            1. Pragmatically: we accent a word by accenting its stressed syllable
                              1. what is to be accented
                                1. NUCLEUS
                                  1. WHERE DOES THE NUCLEUS GO?
                                    1. new information
                                      1. synonyms
                                        1. on or near the last word
                                          1. on a stressed syllables
                                            1. content words and function words
                                            2. Is the most important accent in the IP.
                                        2. TONALITY
                                          1. how to break material into chunks
                                            1. INTONATION BREAK
                                              1. ex: each clouse...( a separate IP)
                                                1. EX: at every sentence boundary
                                          2. IP
                                            1. Scripted material and material read aloud:
                                              1. IPs are longer
                                                1. IPs have more accents
                                                2. Spontaneous converstation:
                                                  1. IPs are shorter
                                                    1. IPs have fewer accents
                                                    2. STRUCTURE OF THE IP
                                                      1. If there are any accent before the nucleus, the first such accent (onset) constitutes the beginning of the head. The syllables before the first accented syllable are called the pre-head.
                                                        1. HEAD
                                                          1. The Head is between the pre-head and the nucleus
                                                          2. NUCLUES
                                                            1. The nucleus is the main accented syllable
                                                            2. PRE-HEAD
                                                              1. The Pre-head is all the inicial unaccented syllables
                                                              2. TAIL
                                                                1. The Tail : all the syllables after the nucleus
                                                            3. are intontaion pattern
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