If I had the last year to live again, what I would change?

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If I had the last year to live again, what I would change?

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If I had the last year to live again, what I would change?
  1. Describe situations of the last year.
    1. I would incorporate
      1. - Relative clauses Who, that and which. The last year, I was a teacher who worked in school...
        1. - Phrasal verbs Along, away, back, out, up When I get back in the time, I think can...
          1. - Softening comments Kind of, sort of, maybe, a little, I think, probably, just, a little, I guess, in a way My work was very hard, It's kind of abuse. Sometimes the school heads probably not think in the teacher...
            1. - Give a contrasting idea Though I have to work hard with the children though I enjoy my work.
            2. I want to learn and incorporate in my writing
              1. I would describe situations in the past and using if and a past form of the verb. And describe what I would change of the events using of the grammar the book.
              2. Read the article on this topic
                1. Stephen Covey
                  1. Grammar
                    1. http://www.roysugarman.com/published-books
                    2. Issues that I want to talk
                      1. Effective time Management starts with clear vision and goals.
                        1. Reasons for planning
                          1. Options for good results
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