Barrera hematoencefálica

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Composition of the Blood Brain Barrier

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Barrera hematoencefálica
  1. Endothelial cells
    1. no fenestrations
      1. Extensive Tight junctions
        1. Claudin
          1. Occludin
            1. Junctional Adhesion molecules
              1. JAM1
                1. JAM2
                  1. JAM3
                  2. Cytoplasmic accessory proteins
                    1. ZO1
                      1. ZO2
                        1. ZO3
                      2. Sparse pinocytic vesicular transport
                        1. Adherens Junctions
                          1. Cadhein-Catenin Complex
                        2. Astrocyte end-feet
                          1. Induction of BBB characteristics in endo- thelial cells
                          2. Pericytes
                            1. structural support and vasodynamic capacity to microvasculature
                              1. key role in the structural stability of the vessel wall
                              2. Capillar Basement membrane
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