Chp. 19 business communications

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Chp. 19 business communications
1 getting across the message
1.1 internal
1.1.1 information exchanged within the business
1.1.2 eg. instructions between manager and employee
1.2 external
1.2.1 communication between business and outsiders
1.2.2 eg. communication with suppliers,customers,shareholders
2 choosing a method
2.1 speed
2.1.1 how quickly will the message be delivered
2.2 reliability
2.2.1 is it likely for it to get lost or misunderstood
2.3 cost
2.3.1 how expencive will method be
2.4 security
2.4.1 must the message be kept secret
3 types of communication
3.1 oral
3.1.1 meetings/telephone
3.1.2 quick and informal way
3.2 written
3.2.1 slower than oral
3.2.2 have a record of the message
3.2.3 eg.emails,letters,reports,trading documents
3.2.4 senders takes more care on what and how it is being said
3.3 visual
3.3.1 takes form in diagrams,charts,graphs bar chars,trend graphs,pie chart
3.3.2 easy to understand
4 communication agencies
4.1 an post
4.1.1 publicity post leaflets distributed to all of public in an area
4.1.2 post aim publicity/letters to people you already know eg. someone who donated to your charity
4.1.3 business reply service send a special envelope and people can return with service without using a stamp
4.1.4 freepost allows customers to write to company and are not charged if they write freepost in address
4.2 telecommunication services
4.2.1 eircom,vodafone,meteor,o2
4.2.2 offer telephones and mobile phones
4.2.3 free-fone 1-800 call is free if dialing 1-800 infront of number
4.2.4 fax
4.2.5 internet research and communication
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