Archdiocese of Sydney

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Concept map visualising and clarifying the main ideas related to the influence of that Catholic value on the curriculum

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Archdiocese of Sydney
  1. Anthropology
    1. A Catholic understanding of the human person
      1. SELF (Learning Strand)
        1. Awareness of themselves
          1. Deepen understanding and appreciation of the Christian response in their lives
            1. Reflect
            2. OTHERS (Learning Strand)
              1. Enables students to live in the right relationship with others.
          2. Epistemology
            1. A Catholic appreciation of how we know and the experience of knowing in learning and teaching;
              1. Storytelling
                1. Telling the Story
                  1. Wondering
                    1. Exploring
                      1. Prayer
                  2. 3 Main Types of Genres
                    1. Narrative Stories
                      1. Parable
                        1. Liturgical signs, Symbols and Actions
                      2. Play
                        1. Relationships
                          1. "Values are caught and not taught"
                          2. Materials
                        2. Cosmology
                          1. a Catholic perspective on how humans are enjoined to live within the integrity of creation.
                            1. CREATION (Learning Strand)
                              1. Identify and respond to the precence of God in all creation.
                                1. Students become to know the interconnections of all creation.
                            2. Catholic Christian Story and Tradition
                              1. A 200 year heritage in Australia of Catholic Christian leaning and teaching within the mission of the Church to promote the reign of God.
                                1. Emmaus Story
                                  1. Central to the R.E. Curriculum and also inspiration for lifelong R.E.
                                    1. Making Sense
                                      1. Gaining Access
                                        1. Celebrating
                                          1. Responding
                                        2. Liturgical Year
                                          1. Chance for students to explore the events of the Catholic community that are celebrated in the Liturgical year.
                                            1. Advent / Christmas
                                              1. Lent / Holy Week
                                                1. Easter / Pentecost
                                              2. CHURCH (Learning Strand)
                                                1. Scripture
                                                  1. Traditions
                                                    1. Prayer
                                                      1. Signs, Symbols and Actions
                                                      2. Beliefs
                                                        1. Stories
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