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  1. Internal
    1. Celebration Days
      1. Religious ceremonies
        1. National womens day
        2. Feedback from employees
          1. Women
            1. Disability
              1. LGBT
                1. Ethnic Minorities
              2. Day in the life of..
                1. Blog
                  1. Video Interview
                    1. Presentation by women to women
                    2. Open days
                      1. See how the line works
                        1. Explain different job roles and opportunities
                          1. 'Have a go'
                            1. Could use mechano like PTW
                          2. Information
                            1. Booklet of options
                              1. Leaflets
                                1. Graduate
                                  1. Undergraduate
                                    1. Apprenticeship
                                    2. Routes into engineering?
                                    3. Schools
                                      1. Presentation
                                        1. Freebies
                                          1. Workshop
                                            1. Site visit
                                            2. Case Studies
                                              1. Job Progression
                                                1. What's it like to work for JLR
                                                2. Social Media
                                                  1. Facebook
                                                    1. Twitter
                                                      1. Instagram
                                                        1. Linked In
                                                          1. Competitons, giveaways, offers, job adverts, scheme adverts
                                                          2. Coaching and Mentoring
                                                            1. Taster sessions
                                                              1. Mentoring school children
                                                                1. Work experience days
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