Unit 2 Review

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Unit 2 Bible

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Unit 2 Review
  1. Fall
    1. Special tress in garden
      1. Tree of life
        1. Tree of knowledge of good and eveil
          1. God told them not to eat from this tree
        2. Saten temps Eve to eat from tree
          1. Eve eats fruit from tree
            1. Brings sin into world
            2. He said you will be like god
              1. You will not surely die
                1. You shall not eat from any tree in garen
              2. Creation
                1. God created everything in 6 days
                  1. Day 1- Light
                    1. Day 2- Sky/Waters
                      1. Day 3 - Land/Vegitation
                        1. Day 4 - Sun/Moon
                          1. Day 5 - Sea creations/Birds
                            1. Day 7- Rest
                            2. God created Adam then eve.
                              1. Cain and able
                                1. Cain offering to God rejected
                                  1. Cain is mad and jelous
                                    1. Lures and kills brother
                                      1. God curses ground and casts Cain has a fugative
                                  2. God accepts Able's offering
                                    1. First Children of Adam and Eve
                                2. Cain and able
                                  1. Tower of babel
                                    1. They didnt disperse throughout the land
                                      1. Man moves east to plains of Shinar
                                        1. Diobey god buy building tower to honor themselves.
                                        2. God confues their languages
                                          1. Causes them to scatter
                                            1. Starts diffrent races
                                        3. Flood
                                          1. World Sinful and Corupt
                                            1. Noah only ritoeos left.
                                              1. Build Arch og gopher wood
                                                1. Rained for 40 days and night
                                                2. BRings 2 of every animal
                                              2. Represents baptism
                                                1. God promised to never flood earth again
                                                  1. Rainbow is sign of the covenant
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