Causes of Wildfires

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Human and Natural causes of wildfires

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Causes of Wildfires
1 Human
1.1 War
1.2 Combustible objects (eg Fireworks, cigarettes, chinese lanterns, candles)
1.3 Bonfires, BBQs, Campfires
1.4 Public utilities (eg Gas leak)
1.5 Arson
1.6 Making sparks (friction)
1.7 Agricultural Escape
1.8 Prescribed burn escapes
1.9 Items that focus sun rays (eg broken glass)
2 Natural
2.1 Lightning
2.1.1 Strikes DRY ground; lots of heat energy; burns fuel
2.2 Temperature
2.2.1 Really hot days can help start fires
2.3 Volcanoes
2.3.1 Lava from eruptions can cause fires
3 Conditions needed to start/spread wildfires
3.1 Dry Fuel (Easier to burn)
3.2 Weather
3.2.1 Temperature Temperature of fuel reaches ignition point
3.2.2 Wind Pushes flame to new fuel source. Sparks and embers are carried from fire to start a new one. Dries out fuel
3.2.3 Humidity Measure of moisture in the air; moisture dampens fuel and slows spread Humidity is greater at night, less intense flames; travel slower
3.3 Topography
3.3.1 The shape of the land affects the spread of fire (elevation, direction, steepness and exposure to sunlight are also factors.)

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