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  1. The violations of norms and expectations.
    1. Sociologists have determined that deviance of various types can have positive functions for society.
      1. Emile Durkheim
        1. Study Sociology through social structure
          1. Deviance can be said to serve 2 necessary functions
            1. Defines Boundaries of Acceptance Behavior
              1. Deviance has the consequence of keeping society in check
              2. Promotes integration
                1. Social Controls
                  1. Organized Methods of teaching and enforcing conformity
                    1. 2 forms of Social Controls
                      1. Informal
                        1. Relationships with significant others
                          1. People whose affection and approval are very different
                        2. Formal
                          1. defined by legal sanctions and enforced by institutions
                            1. Police
                              1. Courts
                                1. Various local, state and federal legislations
                      2. Five Theories
                        1. Conflict Theory
                          1. Functional Theory
                            1. Labeling Theory
                              1. Differential Association Theory
                                1. Merton's Theory of Anime
                                2. ABC's of Deviance
                                  1. Attitude
                                    1. Behaviors
                                      1. Conditions
                                      2. Noncriminal forms of Deviance
                                        1. Obesity
                                          1. Stuttering
                                            1. Physical Handicaps
                                            2. William Sumner (1906) 3 Types of Norms
                                              1. Folways
                                                1. Standards of Dress, Eating behavior
                                                2. Mores
                                                  1. Interracial Marriage, Illegitimate childbearing, drug addiction
                                                  2. Laws
                                                    1. Necessary for maintain social order
                                                  3. Four Tyoes of Deviance
                                                    1. Negative deviance
                                                      1. "Jeffery Dahmar
                                                      2. Rate busting
                                                        1. "geek Phenomenon"
                                                        2. Deviance Admiration
                                                          1. John Gotti
                                                          2. Positive Deviance
                                                            1. "Mother Theresa"
                                                          3. Defined in 4 Main Ways
                                                            1. Absolute Approach
                                                              1. Statistical Approach
                                                                1. Normative Objective Approach
                                                                  1. Reactivist/Subjective Approach
                                                                  2. Relativism: Labeling Theory
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