It has inspired me

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It has inspired me
  1. Yes
    1. New Ideas
      1. Need to be intentional about opening yourself up to new ideas
        1. mash up / remix of one more previous idea
          1. Inspiration
            1. movies
              1. books
                1. music
                  1. We are shaped and fashioned by what we love
                  2. friends
                2. Collect selectively to draw inspiration
                  1. understand the new idea completely
                    1. Study everything there is to know about one thinker
                      1. Find out about 3 people this thinker loved
                        1. Repeat as many times as you can
                          1. Own the idea, rather than just being a consumer
                      2. Sart
                    2. Nothing is original
                      1. Build on what comes before
                        1. Embrace Influence
                          1. Be curious, chase things down. Go deeper than anybody else.
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