Major Achivements of High Middle Ages

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Achievements in high middle ages

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Major Achivements of High Middle Ages
  1. The first university of Europe was In Bologna, Italy. Women were not allowed to go, just men
    1. They were new technological advances like the windmills, watermills, gunpowder etc
      1. Art flourish, gothic style won over the Romanesque style of architecture and art. They were mostly influenced by religion in this case being catholic or christian
        1. Scholasticism: Philosophical thinking that fight against problems like the lack of faith, realism etc
          1. Science changed during the Renaissance because of the universities, which gave acces to science and teachings to a more wide variety of people.
            1. Music during the High middle ages was based on religion, the dominant church music was Gregorian Chant, after this chant other type of instruments were used based on this chant mainly being religious.
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