Political Knowledge in the United States

Jordan Hilder
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Jordan Hilder
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Political Knowledge in the United States
  1. Citizens interested in politics
    1. The News and Media
      1. Twitter wars
      2. The opinion of friends and peers
        1. Opinions of Proffesionals
          1. Celebritey opinions
        2. Manipulation of knowledge
          1. Media altering the News
            1. Politicians and lobbyists lying
              1. Creating differnt opinios
              2. False information
              3. Age Differences
                1. Families influencing each other and passing their beliefs
                  1. New issues splitting younger and older opinions
                  2. Spread of Knowledge
                    1. Media
                      1. People talking
                        1. People influencing each other
                      2. Statisitcs
                        1. Political Scientists and Teachers
                          1. Usage of these stats
                        2. Created by Jordan and Arron
                          1. Voting: the final result
                            1. Human Rights vs Political Knowledge
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