Connective tissue

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Connective tissue
1 Embryonic CNT
1.1 Mesenchyme
1.1.1 **no fibers
1.1.2 mesenchymal cells + ground substance
1.2 Gelatinous (mucous) CNT
1.2.1 fibroblast + collagen fibers
1.2.2 พบที่ hypodermis &umbilical cord
2 Adult CNT
2.1 Contain
2.1.1 Cells
2.1.2 Extra Cellular Matrix Fibers Collagen Fiber stretched for 5% PINK with H&E digest by collagenase, trypsin, pepsin type I - XVIII, I-IV are most common Boiled >> Gelatin Reticular fiber type III Collagen BLACK with Silver staining Elastic Fiber LIGHT PINK with H&E Consist of fibrillin&elastin Resistant to boiling,acids,alkalis Digested by enzyme elastase Ground Substance Glycoprotiens (more protien less carb[oligosacharide] Proteoglycans (สร้างโดย Fibroblast) more carb[glycosaminoglycan(GAGs)] less protien GAGs **Hyaluronan Chondroitin sulfate & dermatin sulfate Heparan sulfate & heparin Keratan sulfate
2.2 Loose CNT
2.2.1 Fixed cells Fibroblast Pericyte (perivascular cell)
2.2.2 Free cells Macrophage Multinucleated giant cell protective role Mast cell metachromatic granules รองเท้าแตะ Plasma cell cartwheel halo area Melanocyte WBC
2.3 Dense CNT
2.3.1 irregular collagen fiber found in organ's capsule fasciae aponeuroses joint capsule pericardium dermis
2.3.2 regular collagen tendons & ligaments joint Elastic ligaments Nuchal ligament (Trichrome stain) Elastic fiber Collagen fiber Nucleus
2.4 Reticular CNT
2.4.1 Reticular cells (fibroblast) & reticular fiber
2.4.2 framework in lymph organs lymphatic nodules bone marrow
2.4.3 BLACK with Silver stain
2.5 Adipose tissue (fat)
2.5.1 Brown multilocular round, centric nucleus
2.5.2 White (Bad) flat, eccentric nucleus unilocullar
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