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1 Hyaline Cartilage
1.1 nose, larynx, trachea, bronchi
1.2 Developement
1.2.1 Mesenchymal cell Chondroblast (young cell) Chondrocyte (Adult cell) enclosed in LACUNA Many Lacuna >> Cell nest (isogeneous cellgroup) สร้าง GS+fibers = Matrix Surrounds lacunae Territorial matrix (darker stain) glycosaminoglycan > collagen Between lacunae Interterritorial matrix (Paler stain)
1.2.2 Perichondrium Outer: Fibrous layer [collagen&fibroblast] Inner:Cellular (chondrogenic) layer [chondroblast]
1.3 Growth
1.3.1 Interstitial (mitosis)
1.3.2 Appositional
1.4 Structure
1.4.1 Near perichondrium small, elliptical lacunae, parallel to the surface
1.4.2 Deep larger, polyhedral shape
1.5 Nutrition
1.5.1 Cartilage is non vascular
1.5.2 Chondrocytes get nourishment from diffustion through the matrix
1.5.3 Calcification Chondrocyte will be died start to make the real BONE
2 Elastic Cartilage
2.1 external ear, epiglottis, auditory canal, corniculat&cuneiform cartilage of larynx
2.2 Similar structure to hyaline cartilage but HAVE ELASTIC FIBER
3 Fibrocartilage
3.1 found where tendon attaches to bone, intervertebral disks, meniscus(stifle joint), dog heart
3.2 transitional between cartilage and CNT
3.3 Structure
3.3.1 a lot of collagen fibers in ECM
3.3.2 Bundles parallel to the direction of stress
3.3.3 chondrocyte located in rows of small lacunae between collagen bundles
3.3.4 *NO difinitive perichondrium
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