Mass Spectrometry

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Mass Spectrometry
1 1)Vaporisation
1.1 2) Ionization
1.1.1 3) Acceleration 4) Deflection 5) Detection the magnetic field strength is slowly increased. This changes the mass/charge ratio of ions that can reach the detector. A mass spectrum is produced. The positive ions' paths are a;tered with a magnetic field. Lighter ions have less momentum and are deflected more than heavier ions. For a given magnetic field, only ions with a particular mass/charge ratio make it to the detector. The positive ions are accelerated by an electric field
1.1.2 the gas particles are bombarded with electrons to ionise them. electrons are knocked off the particles leaving positive ions.
1.2 the sample is turned into a gas using an electric heater
2 Relative atomic mass can be calculated from mass spectrum.
3 Relative isotopic abundance can be worked out from a Mass Spectrum
4 You can use Mass Spectrometry on a Molecular Sample.
5 Mass Spectrometry has many uses.
5.1 Carbon dating is a method of working out the age of Carbon based things based on how much Carbon-14 has decayed.
5.2 The pharmatceutical industry uses mass spectrometry to identify compounds and how long drugs stay in the body.
5.3 Mass spectrometry is used for drugs test in sport to determine how much of something is present and if something violates the rules.
5.4 Probes to mars use mass spectrometry on rocks to study the composition of materials.
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