Defining Deviance

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Deviance Study Guide

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Defining Deviance
  1. Violations outside the norm
    1. Behavior outside norms
      1. Crime VS Deviance
        1. Crime and deviance overlap
          1. Coloring hair purple
            1. Committing Crimes
        2. Norms
          1. Folkways - norms based of tradition
            1. Mores - norms based on social values
              1. Laws- norms supported by formal code
            2. Three Perspectives on Defining Deviance
              1. Relativist
                1. Social Power
                  1. Quinney
                    1. Conflict theory of crime
                  2. Becker
                    1. Labeling theory
                  3. Absolutist
                    1. Hendershot
                      1. Natural Law
                  4. ABC's of Deviance
                    1. Attitudes, Behaviors, Conditions
                    2. Functionalists Theories
                      1. Erickson
                        1. Durkheim
                        2. Three categories of Ss
                          1. Selected
                            1. Sick
                              1. Sin
                              2. Typology of Deviance Integrating Normative & Relativist perspectives
                                1. Negative Deviance
                                  1. Rate Busting
                                    1. Deviance admiration
                                      1. Positive Deviance
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