Insulin Resistance


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Insulin Resistance
  1. Metabolic condition
    1. insulinemia measurements and glycemia on an empty stomach
      1. it is necessary to change the habits of life
        1. good nutrition
          1. physical exercise
      2. Diagnosis of metabolic syndrome
        1. Is characterized decreased sensitivity to insulin
          1. abdominal obesity was a requirement for diagnosis
            1. define the level of cardiovascular risk or type 2 diabetes individual
              1. healthy a waist circumference of less than 80 and 94 cm
            2. includes the various pathological entities that determine a increased cardiovascular risk
            3. Definition
              1. Insulin is an anabolic hormone secreted by the cells of the pancreas
                1. Its main function is to maintain glycemic homeostasis and other energy substrates
                  1. after every meal
                    1. promotes the synthesis of triglycerides
                      1. suppresses the release of free fatty acids
                2. Daniel Rodrigo Grisales
                  1. Fernando Varela
                  2. increased adipose tissue in the skin
                      1. avoid eating junk food
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