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Samuel's map of health

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1 Neuropathy
2 Inflammation
3 Eating patterns
3.1 Not wanting to be conscious
3.2 Compliance
4 Product Knowledge
4.1 Product B
4.2 Seed oil
4.2.1 Which ones work for you.
6 master what you want. Keep your eyes on it!!!!
6.1 When it works...
6.1.1 I am joyfully celebrating a vibrant life Getting there. Trusting the bigger process. Hold the Light in the middle of any adversity song JOY JOY JOY deep in my heart a Flute is soul coming through body. each hole is a different quality and tone Look for the joy in others spend more time with those people. Spirit, trainers, Little Sam, Playing and bouncing around, not in your mind Making your changes all the way down to the magnetics we want to make significant changes Spirit is handing you the tools you need Save your changes on the other side of the body. Spirit side You noticed the shifts. They are subtle. Flow in the zone. Heart open and breath flowing Life is easy. No stress Daily self care Pyramid in your back yard to be used Meditate on Joy looking for the good things in all things Go deep to the level of joy. Be aware of the subtle conscious awareness shifts Be the silent witness Pay attention to what you hear and how it reacts with your subtle body
6.1.2 Feeling good in body Energy and desire to do anything I will enjoy dancing with youthful vitality Requires energy Celebration requires MAJOR chords Free thinking and free expression Sacred Friends! Energy for basic business You need some good attention for job well done like high school athletics. foods that make you float
6.2 When it doesn't work
6.2.1 Not enough energy to celebrate! Parents were Holocaust victims people are suffering. No celebration. No affection I want to make a change. I want it to be bigger than me. Disassociating due to suffering. Not enough happiness to appreciate the gift of life. looking at this negativity will increase it. Plus, it comes in through the DNA Stand in the adversity and transmute it by holding the Light
6.2.2 low self esteem lazy, food binges, lower vibe, Lapse consciousness Its hard work to get it back Choice to go up. Eliminate what goes downward repolarize the down choice down - Negativity - Hurts, don't hold on Let it go and call in the Light
7 attitude of letting go of suffering
7.1 Lungs are experiencing grief
7.2 strengthening the body
7.2.1 of all the things that Spirit could give you
7.3 after suffering, how do you let yourself flow
7.3.1 focusing on the good hanging out with people who are positive accelerate your flow of joy with your parent. Have they completed their pain? You did that. You helped them.
7.4 Surrender, breathe, heart expands Let joy come through
8 depression
8.1 Shimmer your field with Joy for all to be inspired
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