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larynx anatomy

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1 position
1.1 located within the anterior aspect of the neck, anterior to the inferior portion of the pharynx and superior to the trachea
2 function
2.1 Its primary function is to protect the lower airway and preventing the entry of foreign matter into it Other functions of the larynx include the production cartilages of sound (phonation)
3 Joints
3.1 cricothyroid
3.2 cricoarytenoid
4 cartilages
4.1 3 paired cartilages
4.1.1 cuneiform
4.1.2 corniculate
4.1.3 arytenoid
4.2 3 unpaired cartilages
4.2.1 thyroid
4.2.2 cricoid
4.2.3 epiglottis
5 Membranes
5.1 Thyrohyoid
5.2 Quadrangular membrane
5.3 Conus Elasticus
6 structure
6.1 musculocartilaginous structure
7 Ligaments
7.1 Cricotracheal
7.2 Thyrohyoid ( lateral & median )
7.3 Hyoepiglottic
7.5 Thyroepiglottic
7.6 Cricothyroid ( lateral & median )
8 blood supply
8.1 inferior artery
8.1.1 originates from : the inferior thyroid branch of the thyrocervical trunk It ascends into : with the recurrent laryngeal branch of the vagus
8.2 superior artery
8.2.1 originates from : superior thyroid branch of the external carotid artery enters the larynx with the internal branch of the superior laryngeal nerve
9 nerve supply
9.1 the superior branch of the vagus nerve
9.2 the recurrent laryngeal branch of the vagus nerve
10 Muscles
10.1 Intrinsic Muscles
10.1.1 Auxiliary Musculature. Aryepiglotticus Thyroarytenoid Thyrepiglotticus Superior thyroarytenoid
10.1.2 Relaxers
10.1.3 Adductors. Lateral Cricoarytenoid Oblique Arytenoid Transverse arytenoid
10.1.4 Tensors. Thyrovocalis Cricothyroid
10.1.5 Abductors.
10.2 Extrinsic Muscles
10.2.1 Hyoid and Laryngeal Depressors. Sternohyoid: Sternothryoid Omohyoid Thyrohyoid
10.2.2 Hyoid and Laryngeal Elevators. Genioglossus Geniohyoid Digastric muscle Stylohyoid muscle Mylohyoid Hyoglossus
11 cavities
11.1 vestibule
11.1.1 is the upper portion of the cavity, in between the laryngeal inlet and the vestibular folds.
11.2 middle
11.2.1 The middle portion of the cavity, is formed by the vestibular folds above and the vocal folds below.
11.3 infraglottic space
11.3.1 is the lower portion of the cavity, in between the vocal folds and inferior opening of the larynx into the trachea.
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