ICT Systems

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ICT Systems
  1. Systems
    1. Computer hardware
      1. This is to show the position of where everything actually is. There are 5 parts to the computer hardware
        1. Input
          1. Central Processing Unit (CPU)
            1. Output (eg. monitor)
              1. Main memory
                1. Ram
                2. Backing store (Hard disk)
              2. Software
              3. Computers
                1. Hardware
                  1. Hardware is the physical parts of the computer
                    1. Microphone
                      1. Mouse
                        1. Keyboard
                          1. Monitor
                            1. Webcams
                              1. Joysticks
                            2. List of things needed on a Computer
                              1. CPU
                                1. Main/internal memory
                                  1. Motherboard
                                    1. Soundcard
                                      1. Videocard
                                        1. Input devices
                                          1. Output
                                            1. Backing storage
                                            2. Types of computers
                                              1. Personal Computer
                                                1. Mainframe Computer
                                                  1. Super Computer
                                                2. Storage Devices
                                                  1. Primary storage is often known as main memory and are the ROM and RAM chips internal to the computer system.
                                                    1. USB
                                                      1. ROM
                                                        1. RAM
                                                          1. Printer buffer
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