The River God

Elizabeth W
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GCSE English (Poems) Mind Map on The River God, created by Elizabeth W on 11/09/2013.

Elizabeth W
Created by Elizabeth W almost 6 years ago
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The River God
1 Subject matter
1.1 The river is personified in the poem
1.1.1 Is called "river GOD"
1.1.2 Says how he can bless the swimming of the fish
1.1.3 Can also kill people as he chooses
2 Form
2.1 Is a Dramatic Monologue
2.2 River is personified
2.2.1 Is given to voice by which it speaks to us
3 Structure
3.1 Continuous dramatic monologue
3.2 There is a a-a-b-b rhyme scheme
3.2.1 Changes at the end of the poem
3.3 Lines are at an irregular length
3.4 If you turn the poem on its side, it looks like a bed of reeds
4 Sound
4.1 Sounds childlike at times
4.1.1 Due to simple rhymes
4.2 Amount of beats in each line is inconsistent
4.2.1 Makes it sound clumsy
4.3 "Hi yih" is repeated
4.3.1 Gives the poem a sing-song lilt.
5 Imagery
5.1 The language is like a river
5.2 language is simple yet powerful
5.3 "beautiful" is repeated for emphasis
5.3.1 Contrasts between the River Gods description of its self and the beautiful woman
6 Attitudes
6.1 The River God is powerful yet insecure and lonely
6.2 Isn't respected by the people around him
6.2.1 He punishes them as a result
6.3 He is immortal
6.3.1 Can talk about human life in a way that reveals its brevity
7 Themes
7.1 Power of Nature
7.1.1 Humans don't have any power over nature
7.2 Not taking things for granted
7.2.1 Don't forget about the good things in life
7.3 Power of love
7.3.1 The river god falls in love with the woman Is prepared to drown her to get her
8 Ideas
8.1 We should take note of the things around us and not take anything for granted
9 Comparisons
9.1 Ozymandias
9.2 The ruined maid
9.3 My last duchess

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