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Water seen from a scientific point.

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1 Structure
1.1 Two molecules of hydrogen bonded to an oxygen molecule.
1.2 Polar molecule, which means that attract and bone with the nearest molecule who has a negative charge to bond
1.3 Electrons more attrected to oxygen than to the hydrogen molecules.
2 States of matter
2.1 The water can be in three of the five states of matter.
2.1.1 Solid: molecules close from each other
2.1.2 Liquid: molecules separated by a short space
2.1.3 Gas: after overcome the boiling point of the water it converts into vapour
3 Properties
3.1 Universal solvent
3.2 Cannot be compressed
3.3 Its boiling poingt changes according the altitude, caused by the air pressure.
3.4 Shape varies by the interaction with gravity and surface tension
3.5 The pH of the water can change by the interaction with the environment
4 Osmosis: movement of the water to be at the area with more concentration of a solute
5 Diffusion: Move the solute of an high concentration area to the low one to maintain an equilibrium.
6 Capillary action: Cling to the surface and separate partially from other water molecules
7 Adhesion Attraction to the surface
8 Cohesion: attraction of the water to the water
9 Surface tension: Interaction between the molecules of hydrogen to bond and the help of the gravitational force
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