Effective Citizens

Jake McBride
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Jake McBride
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Effective Citizens
1 Economics
1.1 Household Budget
1.2 Distribution Company
1.3 Goods this Quarter
1.4 Trade with Chinese
1.5 Run for City Council
1.6 Diamond mine
1.7 Auto Parts
2 Government
2.1 Gather Evidence
2.2 Formal Debate
2.3 Government Types
2.4 Contact Representative
2.5 Petition
2.6 Political Rally
2.7 Represent the USA
2.8 Represent Criminal
2.9 Police
2.10 Bill of Rights
3 Geography
3.1 Map Scale
3.2 Protect Wildlife
3.3 Clean Water Projects
3.4 Live along the Bantu
3.5 Travel Guide
3.6 Captain of the Atlantic
3.7 Population Density
4 History
4.1 Analyze Battles
4.2 Events from BC
4.3 Religious Beliefs
4.4 Invasion
4.5 Teach about Egyptians
4.6 Dinosaur Bones
4.7 Ming Dynasty
4.8 Indus River
4.9 Jungle Pygmies
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