Why Don't We

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Birthdays of the WDW boys and one fact about them

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Why Don't We
1 sports
2 Art
3 Government
5 Daniel Seavey
5.1 April 22,1999
5.2 He has REALLY blue eyes
6 Corbyn Besson
6.1 November 25, 1998
6.2 Is the second oldest in the band
7 Jonah Marais
7.1 June 16,1998
7.2 He is the oldest in the band
8 Jack Avery
8.1 July 1,1999
8.2 Has a child named Lavender May Avery
9 Zach Herron
9.1 May 27, 2001
9.2 The youngest in the band
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