Jack and the Beanstalk

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Jack and Beanstalk Outsite

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Jack and the Beanstalk
  1. Yellow ball (golden egg:) practice throwing and catching
    1. Climbing frame: climb up the beanstalk like Jack (Adult supervision needed)
      1. Physical development
    2. Weight: Which are the heaviest beans? Lightest beans? Can you make the scales balance?
      1. Height: Can you measure the beanstalks? Which is the tallest? Shortest?
        1. Sandpit: Can you find the golden coins numbered 1 - 20. Can you put them in order once you find them?
          1. Garden centre: Money - paying, counting coins
        2. Mathematics
        3. Camera: Can the children take photos of them acting out Jack and the Beanstalk?
          1. Voice recorders: Can the children record themselves? Can they speak like different characters?
            1. Understanding the world: Technology
            2. Decking area: masks to retell story, clothes for Jack, Mum, the Giant, the Giant's wife, beanstalk / green material, decking house
              1. Garden centre: Buying and selling flowers / vegetables
                1. Communication and language
                2. Plant bean seeds
                  1. Plant bean plants
                    1. Understanding the world: The world
                  2. Sharing, taking turns
                    1. PSED
                    2. Expressive art and design
                      1. Seed tray garden: Moss, grass, leaves, daisies
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