Effective Citizens

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Effective Citizens
  1. Ecomomics
    1. Household budget
      1. Protecting Wildlife
        1. Hire a company to move your goods to another state
          1. Deciding how many goods to prduce
            1. Making a deal with China to produce watches
              1. Represent a defentant at a criminal trials
                1. Design and sell auto pats
                2. Civics
                  1. Gathering evidence to choose a poistion in an issue
                    1. Participating in a formal debate
                      1. identify different kinds of government
                        1. Contact a representative to solve a problem
                          1. To write or sign a petition
                            1. Go to a political rally
                              1. Represent the U.S as an ambassador in Kenya
                                1. Run for city council
                                  1. Be a police officer
                                    1. Know the Bill of Rights
                                    2. History
                                      1. Analyze past battles
                                        1. Orginize events from BC
                                          1. List the effects of an invasion
                                            1. Teach about Ancient Egyptians
                                              1. Date the age of dinosaur bones
                                                1. Analyze events from the Ming Dynasty
                                                  1. Make a timeline of Indus Civilizations
                                                  2. Geography
                                                    1. Map Scale
                                                      1. To understand religious beliefs
                                                        1. Live among the Bantu triibes
                                                          1. Write a travel guide for Indonisia
                                                            1. Captain a ship across the Atlantic
                                                              1. Learn the favorite foods of jungle Pygmies
                                                                1. Use data to predict population
                                                                  1. Work in a diamond mine in Sierra Lione
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