Effective Citizens

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Effective Citizens
1 Economics
1.1 Make a budget
1.2 Move your products to a different state
1.3 Produce goods
1.4 Trade deal with a Chinese
1.5 Predict population density for your city in 20 years
1.6 Design and sell auto parts
2 Geography
2.1 How far away cities are
2.2 Religious beliefs
2.3 Protect wildlife
2.4 Clean-water projects
2.5 Bantu tribes
2.6 Write travel guide
2.7 Ship caption across the Atlantic
2.8 Jungle Pygmies
2.9 Work in a diamond mine
3 History
3.1 Analyze past battles.
3.2 Before BC
3.3 Invasion
3.4 Ancient Egyptians
3.5 Date the age of dinorsaurs
3.6 Ming Dynasty
3.7 Indian River Civilization
4 Government
4.1 Choose a position about an issue
4.2 Participate in a debate with facts
4.3 Different types of government
4.4 Contact a representative
4.5 Write or sign a petition
4.6 Political rally
4.7 Represent USA
4.8 Run for city council
4.9 Represent a defendant in criminal trials
4.10 Be a police officer
4.11 Bill of Rights
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