The Ku Klux Klan

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The Ku Klux Klan
1 The KKK was formed in Tennessee in 1865
1.1 Their original intention was to oppose interference imposed by the federal government and to scare former slaves into “keeping their place” in southern society.
1.1.1 They wanted to ensure that white supremacy was very sucessfull the group was initially just 6 people
2 Anyone not following the kkk's bible was beaten up, blacks were lynched - but nobody ever saw anything - whites were either involved or feared reprisals, while any black witnesses would fear that it would be they who would get lynched.
2.1 Black people was often beat up and threatened so that they could not vote.
2.1.1 common executions included being burned alive or lynched.
3 The KKK was set up as a secret society
3.1 they would ride at night in white hooded robes and claimed they was harmless in order to recruit more members
4 the victims of the KKK had no chance at defending themselves as they was cruelly tortured
4.1 the police force didn't defend black people
4.1.1 whistling was enough to be lynched many victims were innocent of crime
5 birth of a nation was the first film to include and target stereotypes of black americans
5.1 the kkk harassed immigrants and committed arson and physical assault against them.
5.1.1 the government would take no action. the KKK claimed to be protecting America.
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