What Can Effective Citizens Do

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What Can Effective Citizens Do
  1. Civics
    1. Identify different governments
      1. Contact representative to solve problem
        1. Take part in formal event with factual evidence
          1. Gather evidence to choose a position about an issue
            1. Write/sign a petition
              1. Visit political rally
                1. Know Bill of Rights
                  1. Represent USA as ambassador in Kenya
                    1. Run for city council
                    2. Economics
                      1. Design/ sell auto parts
                        1. Make a budget
                          1. Hire a distribuion company to move your product
                            1. Decide which goods to produce this quarter
                              1. Make a deal with chinese company to trade vehicles
                                1. Be a police officer
                                  1. Work in a diamond mine in Sierra Leone
                                  2. History
                                    1. Analyze past battles
                                      1. Organize events from BC
                                        1. Learn about Bantu tribes
                                          1. Understand different beliefs
                                            1. Teach about Ancient Egyptians
                                              1. Analyze major events of the Ming Dynasty
                                                1. Make a timeline of Indus River Civilizations
                                                  1. Learn favorite foods of jungle Pygmies
                                                  2. Geography
                                                    1. Use a map scale
                                                      1. Protect wildlife
                                                        1. Support clean water projects
                                                          1. Predict population density for your city in 20 years
                                                            1. Write travel guide to Indonesia
                                                              1. Captain a ship
                                                                1. List effect of invaion
                                                                  1. Date the age of dinosaur bones
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