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Junior Cert Science Mind Map on Micro-Organisms, created by lucy.nelson99 on 11/09/2013.

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1 very small organisms
1.1 cause disease and things to rot and decay
1.2 threetypes
1.2.1 viruses
1.2.2 bacteria
1.2.3 fungi
2 Viruses
2.1 chemical which can reproduce
2.1.1 surrounded by protein coat
2.2 Do not feed respire grow or move only reproduce


  • can only produce inside living cells-they all cause disease
2.3 can only reproduce inside living cells
2.4 cold, flu, measles
2.5 white cells make antibodies
3 Bacteria
3.1 living cells so they feed move and respire aswell as reproduce
3.2 water, soil and they are harmless
3.3 Benefits
3.3.1 Soil nutrients
3.3.2 Decay of waste
3.3.3 Cheese
3.3.4 Yoghurt
3.3.5 Silage
3.4 Harmful Effects
3.4.1 Disease
3.4.2 Food spoilage
3.4.3 Tooth Decay
4 Fungi
4.1 Occur in single cells eg. yeast
4.1.1 or fine threads eg. bread mould or large structures eg.mushrooms
4.2 live on dead things
4.3 Parasites cause disease
4.4 Benefits
4.4.1 Brewing
4.4.2 Baking
4.4.3 Food
4.4.4 Antibiotics eg Penicillium
4.5 Harmful Effects
4.5.1 Disease
4.5.2 Foodspoilage
4.5.3 Enter text here
5 Humus
6 Biotechnology
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