A New Education

Luisa de Leon
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Luisa de Leon
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Como utilizar la tecnología a nuestro favor

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A New Education
  1. The global modern economy pays for what you can do with what you know.
    1. As facilitators we have to help them to develop their transversal skills
      1. Work independently as self-driven, life-long learners and innovators
        1. Work collaborative respecting different points of view
          1. Think critically about new challenges
            1. Apply their knowledge to solve problems
            2. Students and teachers are facing new challenges
              1. Technology
                1. As facilitators we have to build our students fascination, excitement and passion
            3. The global modern economy doesn't pay of what you know, because the internet knows everything.
              1. Education have stayed in the past for many years, giving information to memorize.
                1. Teachers have all the information
                  1. Students have lost interesting in learning
                  2. Students learn to follow instructions, patterns
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