Can Crusher

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Can Crusher

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Can Crusher
1 Retail Price
1.1 A simple wall can crusher will be sold at £15-£20 but a more complex one will be sold more in the region of £40-£50
2 Function
2.1 It must be able to crush cans at the rate of a few hundred a day
2.1.1 Must be efficient
2.2 Should be able to crush cans of varying sizes
2.3 Should require no power input other than the user
3 situation
3.1 The can crusher will be in a spot of the canteen where space is limited so should be small
4 Quality Standards
4.1 It should meet the standards of the canteen where it will be situated
4.2 It should be of high quality
5 Stylish Aesthetics
5.1 Must fit in to the canteen environment but also stylish for the age of students there
6 Performance
6.1 Should crush at least 5 preferably 10 cans a minute to keep up with the amount of cans produced
7 Intended Markets
7.1 The product will be made for a school canteen
8 Size
8.1 It must be small to fit in the small section of the canteen dedicated for it
9 Cost of Manufacture
9.1 The can crusher should cost between £10 and £30 to make
9.2 Cheap as will affect price
9.2.1 Low-cost but high quality materials
10 Maintance
10.1 It should not break however if it does it should be easily fixable parts
11 Scale of Production
11.1 It will be a one time product just for the canteen
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