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Night: Chapter 6


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Night: Chapter 6
  1. Contrasts & Contradicions
    1. "The idea of dying, of no longer being, began to fascinate me. Not to exist any longer. [...] My father's presence was the only thing that stopped me. [...] What would he do without me? I was his only support." Page 92-93
      1. How is this contrasting or contradicting?
        1. First, with the suicidal thoughts as one would expect survival to top priority, so suicidal thoughts are contrasting with human nature. Second, when he contradicts his dismay with determination to survive only so he may support his father
        2. How does this answer the question?
          1. It shows how much Elie cares about his father and that he is willing to forgo peace and the end of his suffering to help his father
          2. Situation Analysis
            1. Why didn't he?
              1. He felt he had a duty to support his father
              2. Why was he ready to die?
                1. Life was so painful it would be easier to die and find peace
            2. "We were masters of nature, masters of the world. We had forgotten everything-death, fatigue, our natural needs. Stronger than cold or hunger, stronger than the shots and the desire to die, condemned and wandering, mere numbers, we were the only men on earth." Page 93
              1. Situation Analysis
                1. Why does he think this?
                  1. Because the men were able to push past all things that nature would expect or require and just keep running.
                2. How is this contrasting or contractdicting
                  1. The passage states that they were 'masters' or rulers of something. This is contrasting because the last thing you expect him to think is that he is a master of anything.
                  2. How does this answer the question?
                    1. It shows a way Elie saw himself in a community with the other prisoners. "WE were masters..."
                3. Tough Questions
                  1. None found
                  2. AHA Moment
                    1. "A terrible thought loomed up in my mind: he had wanted to get rid of his father!" Page 97
                      1. How does this answer the question?
                        1. Further on in the passage it shows how close him and his father are and how much he cared for him. That he would never leave his father like that.
                        2. Situation Analysis
                          1. Why did the rabbi's son abandon him?
                            1. He felt it was his one chance to find freedom so that he could survive longer without his father's dead weight. Ironicly, he died.
                          2. How is this a 'AHA moment'?
                            1. Elie realized that Rabbi Eliahou's son has wanted to get seperated from his father so that he could be free of him
                        3. Words of the Wiser
                          1. "'Not here... Get up... A little farther on. There's a shed over there... come on.'" Page 94
                            1. How does this answer the question?
                              1. This reveals that the supporting relationship Elie had with his father was not entirely one sided. They stuck together and helped eachother survive.
                              2. How is this the 'words of the wiser'?
                                1. It is spoken by Elie's father and although it may not seem to be all too important or philosophical is does save Elie's life be keeping him from freezing to death in his sleep as easily.
                                2. Situation analysis
                                  1. Why does his father say this?
                                    1. If he didn't Elie would die , freezing in the snow.
                              3. Again & Again
                                1. Death, dead, dying
                                  1. How does this occur 'again and again'?
                                    1. Over and over death is mentioned, seen, smelt, felt, and even desired. Making it an obvious example.
                                    2. How does this answer the question?
                                      1. It shows how the characters, Elie specificly have a sort of relationship with death. Either though their god, their experiences, or even themselves. This reveals the nature of the story, which is a sad one, and centered on death.
                                      2. Situation analysis
                                        1. Why Death?
                                          1. Death is such a part of this book, to ignore it would be to ignore most of the book. In this book the characters are shaped and developed by facing death over and over again.
                                    3. Memory Moment
                                      1. None found
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