Fashion Buying

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P1 fashion buying

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Fashion Buying
1 The life of a BAA
1.1 Administering order process.
1.2 Take an active role in the buying process.
1.3 Critical path administration.
1.4 Trend research.
1.5 Maintaining a sample library.
1.6 Supporting and working with the buyer.
1.7 Comp shops
1.8 Dealing with phone and email enquiries
1.9 Trend research.
1.10 Organised.
1.11 Work with a team.
1.12 Understanding the brand.
1.13 Understand what their customers want.
1.14 Multi-task.
2 Who does the BAA work alongside?
2.1 Buying assistant.
2.2 Assistant buyer.
2.3 Buyer.
2.4 Head of category.
2.5 Head of division.
2.6 Critical path manegemnt with the merchandiser
2.7 QA
2.8 Marketing.
2.9 Supplier.
3 Career opportunities
3.1 Buyers assistant.
3.2 Assistant buyer.
3.3 BUyer
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