Buyers Admin Assistant

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Roles of a Buyers Admin Assistant.

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Buyers Admin Assistant
1 The Life of a BAA
1.1 Daily Tasks and Duties
1.1.1 Meeting preparations
1.1.2 Garment Steaming
1.1.3 Tidying the department
1.1.4 Collecting and sending parcels
1.1.5 Keeping the range plan updated
1.1.6 Organising colour palettes and story boards to be sent out to suppliers
1.1.7 Attending fit meetings and noting adjustments and changes
1.1.8 Supporting the rest of the buying team. For example working out costings and profit margins.
1.1.9 Filing
1.1.10 Helping with lab dips and strike off approvals
1.1.11 Trend Research
1.1.12 Critical Path administration
1.1.13 Active in the buying process
1.1.14 Emailing, taking and making phone calls
1.1.15 Coffee and Lunch runs
1.1.16 Comp Shops
1.1.17 Attending Design Presentations
1.1.18 Dealing with constant queries
1.2 Key Competencies
1.2.1 To keep the area organised
1.2.2 To be brand focused
1.2.3 To be able to work professionally within the team, as well as throughout the whole company.
1.2.4 To be able to understand their target customer
1.2.5 To work hard and stay focused on the tasks given
1.2.6 To follow what is going on in the news, fashion shows and trends - all of this will help with the creation of the range
1.2.7 To keep up to date with emails
1.2.8 To have confidence and great communication skills.
1.2.9 To be able to deal with pressure
1.2.10 To be able to stick to deadlines.
1.2.11 To have a good knowledge of Fashion jargon.
1.2.12 The ability to multitask
1.2.13 To be commercially aware
2 Who Does the BAA work alongside to ensure products are sold to the maximum effect?
2.1 Visual Merchandisers
2.2 Merchandisers
2.3 Garment and Fabric Technicians
2.4 Designers - both print and garment
2.5 Ecommerce and Online
2.6 Retail Operations
2.7 Other product groups, for example Branded
2.8 Suppliers and Sourcing
2.9 Head of Division
2.9.1 Head of Category Buyer Assistant Buyer Buyers Assistant
2.10 In order for a product team to work effectively and create successful ranges each member needs to work within their team.. They need to play of each others strengths and notice that everyone has their own positive attributes as well as negative attributes.
3 Career Opportunities
3.1 To become a higher ranking buyer
3.2 Moving onto a different department, learning about new fabrics and development techniques.
3.3 Moving to a different company to learn about different business methods.
3.4 BAA
3.4.1 Buyers Assistant Assistant Buyer Buyer Head of Category Head of Division
3.5 Working hard, being commercially aware and loving your job will help you to work your way up the rankings quicker.
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