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Skills of Effective Citizens


what real world connections are in social studies
Rachel Strong
Mind Map by Rachel Strong, updated more than 1 year ago
Rachel Strong
Created by Rachel Strong over 6 years ago

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Skills of Effective Citizens
  1. History
    1. Study Ancient Eyjept
      1. Study Tribes
        1. Ancient Rome
          1. Put events in order
            1. Civil war
            2. Geography
              1. use map scale
                1. Write travel guide
                  1. Exploation
                    1. Date old bones
                    2. Economics
                      1. make budjet
                        1. Sell auto parts
                          1. Building and Factories
                            1. Deliver oil
                            2. Civics
                              1. become a policemen
                                1. Boating
                                  1. Become a Judge
                                    1. Become a firefighter
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